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În Spania au început să circule trenurile de mare viteză între Madrid și regiunea Galicia. 750 km pot fi parcurși în 3 ore și jumătate



După aproape un deceniu de întârziere, regiunea Galicia din nordul Spaniei este legată direct de Madrid prin trenuri de mare viteză, după ce ultimul segment al liniei a fost finalizat în noiembrie. Trenurile vor face și cu peste o oră mai puțin și s-a solicitat certificarea ca super-garniturile AVE să poată rula cu 330 km/h, astfel că timpii vor scădea și mai mult.

În prima zi au călătorit 5.000 de pasageri cu legăturile directe Madrid – Galicia, iar prețul promoțional al biletelor vândute de compania Renfe a fost de 15 euro, pentru a atrage cumpărătorii.

Spania are peste 3.500 km de linie de mare viteză și cele mai rapide porțiuni permit 310 km/h, dar pentru noua linie s-a cerut certificarea de a rula cu 330 km/h. Când va fi obținută, timpii vor scădea cu 20 de minute.

Secțiunea finală a întregii linii Madrid – Galicia a fost gata în noiembrie, între Pedralba de la Pradería și Ourense, iar o altă secțiune de 100 km, între Zamora și Pedralba de la Pradería, fusese inaugurată în toamna lui 2020.

De la A Coruna la Madrid numărul de trenuri crește de la cinci la zece pe zi, iar cei 750 km vor fi parcurși în 3 ore și jumătate de către cel mai rapid tren.

De la Vigo la Madrid se va dubla numărul de trenuri zilnice, de la patru la opt, iar timpul cel mai scurt va fi de 4 ore și 16 minute.

Până acum s-au vândut 125.000 de bilete pentru trenurile de mare viteză către Galicia.

În Spania trenurile de mare viteză sunt atât de eficiente încât cei 1.130 km de la Malaga la Barcelona pot fi parcurși chiar și în 5 ore și 54 minute cu schimbare la Madrid.

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15 years of collaboration between Keysight Technologies Romania and the Polytechnic University in Bucharest – an investment in people




Keysight Technologies Romania (formerly Ixia Romania) has invested important resources in the partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. During the last 15 years of collaboration, the company has been a constant supporter of pre-acceleration programs for start-ups, innovation, and research, preparing students for the labour market, as well as provisioning the faculty laboratories with equipment. One of Keysight Technologies Romania’s missions is to bring to students’ attention the latest technologies and support the academic environment through the development of skills required by the labour market.

Keysight Technologies Romania (formerly Ixia Romania) has invested important resources in the partnership with the Polytechnic University of BucharestFoto: Keysight Technologies România

Keysight Technologies is a world leader in testing and measurement. Keysight products and expertise are the basis for the development of new technologies in areas such as Cloud Data Centre, 5G / 6G, Internet of Things, the automotive and aerospace industry, as well as renewable energy.

Keysight Technologies Romania is one of the first companies to support innovation and research programs in Romania’s academia. Since 2006, Keysight Technologies Romania has been helping students from the Faculty of Automation and Computers in carrying out diploma projects in collaboration with experienced engineers from the company.

At the same time, in 2006, the company provisioned an entire laboratory with high-performance equipment and subsequently supported a lot of the faculty’s projects, including Innovation Labs (the first pre-acceleration program in Romania), Keysight Research Grants (a research program to enrich the curriculum), as well as Security Summer School, FPGA Summer School and IXIA Day powered by Keysight Technologies – an internship program for students.

Teodor Ceaușu, Country Manager Keysight Technologies Romania: Each person is worth what they can become

Keysight Technologies Romania’s internship program is among the most successful events, being extremely popular among students, with hundreds of applicants each year.

Such programs connect the academic environment to the post-graduate career and correlate the knowledge and skills gained in college with the needs of the labour market.

Many of the Keysight employees who started as interns are now managers or architects within the company.

“We have always seen future architects or managers in new college graduates. We have always been committed to potential; it has been and is one of our selection criteria. There is no greater satisfaction than to see how a new graduate learns continuously and gets better with each passing day, with increasing responsibilities and the opportunity to influence the evolution of the technologies we work with,” said Teodor Ceaușu, Country Manager Keysight Technologies Romania.

The private sector must be involved in supporting local academia to grow the labour market and stimulate innovation

Beyond financial support, one of the great gains of the partnership between Keysight Technologies Romania and the Polytechnic University is the alignment of the academic program with the global trends of the industry. This synergy contributes both to the effective training of current students and future professionals, as well as the development of the IT sector in Romania.

One of the most significant contributions of Keysight Technologies Romania to the development of the university program is represented by the operating systems and cyber security courses. Over the last 15 years, many of Keysight Technologies Romania’s employees and former graduates of the University have taught classes based on their practical experience in the industry.

“There have been partnerships with well-known companies in the industry before the partnership with Keysight as well, but the connection was more formal, standard. The collaboration with Keysight Technologies brought a new, more practical approach and was a benchmark because other companies followed the same example,” said Răzvan Deaconescu, associate professor at the Faculty of Automation and Computers.

“An essential part of university life is the continuous flow of ideas, advice, and experiences that allow learning and innovation to be amplified. The joint initiatives of the Faculty of Automation and Computers and Keysight Technologies Romania support the university community through the intensity and diversity of interactions, creating new contexts and intellectually and socially stimulating. Last but not least, the duration of this partnership shows everyone that all valuable constructions are done in time and through constant involvement,” observes Răzvan Rughiniș, professor at the Faculty of Automation and Computers.

The continuation of the partnership between the Faculty of Automation and Computers and Keysight Technologies Romania

Regarding the future plans in collaboration with the faculty, “Keysight Technologies Romania is and will remain a stable and lasting partner of the Faculty of Automation and Computers. We want to continue investing in local academia, influence the curriculum, and have a contribution to the evolution of the Romanian IT industry. We would like to thank everybody from the faculty for their openness and for the support offered during all these years,” said Teodor Ceaușu.

Future collaborations between the private sector and local academia include research and innovation projects through which students will have the opportunity to develop prototypes of new, innovative products together with the company’s employees.

The impact that Keysight Technologies has on today’s technologies

Keysight Technologies Romania’s employees develop high-impact hardware and software products for testing state-of-the-art communication networks. Examples of such products include those for testing 800 Gbps Ethernet networks or those for testing 5G networks (to which the company has contributed more than six years before its official launch). Mobile communications and the global Internet, including social networking applications, are made possible and function efficiently thanks to the products that Keysight develops.

Many of the innovations and new concepts for Keysight Technologies products are developed by the Romanian team. CyPerf is such an example, the first cloud-native solution for testing the performance and security of industry networks, which re-creates realistic data flows in a variety of physical and cloud infrastructures. The contribution of the local team is concentrated in the front-end and middleware area of the product, as well as in the area of research and replication of traffic both on the side of applications and cyber-attacks.

Another example is BreakingPoint (BPS), a solution that is at the forefront of testing applications and the security of physical network equipment through an extremely scalable and flexible platform. The preparation and technical development of this initiative are done by a mixed team that represents all the important areas of the product: Engineering, Product Management, Support, etc.

Keysight delivers advanced design and validation solutions that help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Our customers span the worldwide communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defence, automotive, energy, semiconductor, and general electronics markets. Keysight generated revenues of $4.9B in the fiscal year 2021.

Article powered by Keysight Technologies Romania

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VIDEO Serie A: Cagliari, echipa lui Răzvan Marin, a retrogradat (Rezultatele etapei)




Răzvan Marin și Cagliari au retrogradat în Serie B după remiza din deplasare, scor 0-0 contra Veneziei, în ultima etapă din prima ligă italiană de fotbal.

Razvan MarinFoto: Luigi Canu/LiveMedia / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

Marin a intrat pe teren în minutul 58.

FOTO AC Milan, campioana Italiei pentru a 19-a oară / „Rossonerii” pun capăt unei așteptări de 11 ani

Rezumatul partidei dintre Venezia și Cagliari:

Rezultatele din ultima etapă a Seriei A:

Torino – AS Roma 0-3

Genoa – Bologna 0-1

Lazio – Verona 3-3

Fiorentina – Juventus 2-0

Atalanta – Empoli 0-1

Spezia – Napoli 0-3

Sassuolo – AC Milan 0-3

Inter – Sampdoria 3-0

Venezia – Cagliari – 0-0

Salernitana – Udinese 0-4

Serie A – Clasament la final de sezon

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