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Liberals to work out criminal law amendment bill banning amnesty, pardon for corruption offenses

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Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Monday that the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the fundamental law revision draft is „strange” and announced that the Liberals will draft a bill to amend criminal law so as to ban amnesty and pardon for corruption offenses.

„We looked at the situation created by the strange decision of the Constitutional Court, which did not accept that the citizens’ decision expressed at the May 26 referendum to ban amnesty and pardon be included in the Constitution revision bill. We are waiting for the Court’s reasoning. The decision we made is very simple: for us, the citizens’ will is law and the Constitution revision bill will advance to parliamentary debate without the respective articles. After the release of the Constitutional Court’s reasoning, we will hammer out a bill amending criminal law so as to include this decision the Romanian citizens have taken, to ban amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds,” Orban said on Monday after the meeting of the PNL Executive Bureau.

The Constitutional Court discussed the previous week compliance with the constitutional provisions for the two Constitution revision bills submitted to Parliament after the 26 May referendum and ruled that the responsibility of assessing the timeliness of individual or collective amnesty or pardon falls on Parliament and the President of Romania, respectively, and that a general ban thereof for particular offenses cannot be imposed.

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