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JusMin Birchall: Two major conclusions and neither supports the functioning of SIIJ in this form

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Minister of Justice Ana Birchall stated, on Tuesday, that there are two major preliminary conclusions of the working group with the Ministry of Justice regarding the Section for Investigating Crimes in Justice (SIIJ), neither of which supports the functioning of the SIIJ in its current form.

„Some time ago we established an inter-ministerial working group at the level of the Ministry of Justice, coordinated directly by the Minister of Justice. (…) In what regards the points of view, we requested points of view both from the relevant institutions in the judiciary system – all of them, in fact, as well as from professional associations. This analysis also included the GRECO recommendations, the CVM recommendations, those of the Venice Commission and other recommendations coming from each Romanian who wrote to us in this period. (…) We will complete this analysis, this report in the coming period, I hope in no more than two weeks. I can tell you that the preliminary conclusions show two pretty interesting conclusions which have the majority, and neither supports the functioning of this institution [SIIJ – e.n.] in this form. These are the preliminary conclusions,” Ana Birchall stated at the Superior Council of Magistracy.

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